Baby Bottles

What is the Baby Bottle Campaign?

The Baby Bottle Campaign is an easy and fun way for your church or group to give to the Warrenton Pregnancy Center! In 2024, we are encouraging you to launch your Baby Bottle campaign on January 21, 2024, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. When you launch your campaign, all you need to do is distribute the bottles we provide, remind your participants throughout the process to keep up the good work, and collect the filled bottles and return them to us.

Upon request, one of our staff can address your congregation and explain our work and how the drive works in as little as three minutes. We’re also to speak for longer and take questions. Call us on our dedicated supporter line at (540) 699-0338 for more information.

How can I get my church involved?

If you are interested in participating, please call (540) 699-0338 or email us at and we will be in touch with you soon!

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